In the past week, I have received a lot of useful feedback from Venesa about the visual presentation and content on my Website. Here are some changes I made on the site based on her recommendations.

Header photo

Instead of having a low-quality header photo like before, I changed it to a sequence of higher quality photos of food. The header space is also adjusted to be wider for the audience to have a more overall view of the photos.

Top main menu

Before, I was still struggling with how to adjust the main menu fit with my page contents so the section looked messy with some extra pages. After a few adjustments, it is now better looking with a concise hierarchy of the page’s title. However, with the contact information page, I still leave it blank as I do not feel like opening up with strangers about my personal contact yet. Who knows maybe someday I will change my mind and will it will all the information you need to find me online.

Content presentation

Another component of the website that I changed according to Vabesa’s comments was the arrangement of the post’s preview on the home page. I changed the layout to the grid to be able to show more posts at the same time rather than having to scroll down post by post.

After all the changes I made, the page has become more professional and really comes together for readers to process. I am really appreciative and thankful for all the suggestions that Venesa sent me. Feedback like these is crucial as they help new bloggers like me a lot in developing the website.

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