For the visual of my website, I am planning to have two columns of information in total. On the left side, there would be the content section, where my recent posts can be found on the home page and the post’s content would be shown when being accessed. On the left side, there would be a sidebar with important sections such as Search Bar, Main Categories, About Section, etc. the top page would be the heading section with the page title, the slogan aligning to the right. Beside them will be the main menu with all important categories: Home, About, Blog, PUB101 Content, Contact.

After I read “How I Got My Attention Back” by Craig Mod, I somehow understand how he felt. However, unlike Craig, I spend most of my time offline. Five hours is the maximum time that I spend on social media every day. There are even days that I do not access my Facebook and Instagram accounts at all. My Instagram has not been updated for almost a year now. This habit may be uncommon for young adults nowadays and I know you may be thinking I am lying, or I am a freak, but I am not ashamed of it and do not want to change this habit either. On the other hand, I think keeping my distance from the internet moderately protects me from the inevitable negative impacts coming along with social media.

Talking about social media and having an online platform for my website, I thought about it and decided not to link it to any other accounts. The reason is I am not comfortable with managing too many public online platforms at the same time. If I create a bunch of accounts but cannot invest properly in any of them, I would rather just have one.

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