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Hi guys, today I would like to discuss my peer – Kayla’s blog called Musings of a Middle Child. Looking at the Home page, I can immediately tell that her blog is about book reviews from the concise slogan “Book Reviews and More!”. Overall, the white background with black text is simple but easy for readers to browse and view the content at the same time. I especially like the font she uses for the web. It gives a unique feature to the brand as it is different from common fonts we usually see in books such as Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial,…

Musings of a Middle Child’s home page

Kayla also included a clear Brand’s mission: I strive to create a space for book lovers to unite.” This strengthens her branding identity with the public and creates a foundation for potential funding in the future. As for blog posts, her review posts are very organized and easy to navigate as she lists all the titles she wrote about in alphabetical order. On the right side of the page where all the widgets are, I noticed the Google Translate widget, a feature that would support her foreign readers really well as they explore her blogs. It is a wise choice to give the readers an option to read the web’s content in different language as there is a high chance of spreading the brand faster.

Google Translate Widget

In terms of social media coverage, I think it is a great idea to link the brand to Goodreads and Tiktok as well as her personal music playlist. With over 1 billion active accounts. Tiktok is an ideal platform for any new business or personal branding to grow. However, I don’t quite understand why she named it “My writing Playlist”. I assume she listens to the playlist whenever she writes book reviews?

Music playlist widget

After all, it was my pleasure to have a chance to explore Musings of a Middle Child. I am looking forward to seeing the blog grows larger in the future. Good luck Kayla!

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