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Hi everyone, today I would like to discuss my peer – Victoria’s blog called The Procrastireader. Looking at the Home page, I can immediately tell that her blog is about book review since the header image gives out a very “book” vibe along with the quote “Reading to avoid the unpleasant things in life”. I really like the clean and authentic design of the header image, whose designer I believe is Victoria herself. As I run the mouse along the menu bar, it appears that she has organized her content clearly and concisely.

The Procrastireader’s home page

For the Blog section, Victoria has separated her content into 4 diverse categories: Book Recommendations, Book Reviews, Book Tags and Storytimes. This makes it easier for readers to identify and navigate posts from different categories. At the beginning of every post, she even designed a signature header image that draws the audience’s eyes really well.

On the right side of the menu bar, there is a cute yet interesting icon of a moon. Like any other people, I was curious and clicked on it to realize that it is used to change the display mode (dark or light). This feature stimulates the audience’s curiosity and encourages them to keep on exploring the website.

Among all the widgets on the right column, what I find most interesting is that she makes it so that people can actually subscribe to her blog and get notifications every time she posts something. This is an efficient way to keep readers updated and maintain the interaction rate. I also find the quote “Smash that subscribe button” intriguing since it reminds me of some of my favourite YouTubers.

Overall, The Procrastireader is absolutely a great blog to explore and I would love to see how Victoria grows her community bigger in the future. Thank you, Victoria for creating such a fascinating website about books. I got to learn a lot from the website, too.

Best of luck to you!

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