Mitarashi Dango Recipe

Mitarashi Dango is a kind of Japanese rice dumpling. It is covered with syrup made from soy sauce, sugar and starch. Ingredients 200g Mochiko (mochi flour) 300g soft tofu Dango sauce 4 tbs sugar 4 tbs soy sauce 200ml water 1 tbs potato starch (or corn starch) Let’s cook! Step 1: Smash soft tofu then…

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Homemade Tteokbokki recipe

Tteokbokki is a Korean Rice Cake dish. It usually goes with spicy Gochujang sauce, fish cake, onion, cabbage, and green onion. My tteokbokki version that I am about to introduce to you will be nowhere close to the original Korean version. However, that is how I usually save my hungry stomach from the craving for…

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Process Post #2

For this week, I’ve been sourcing out some of the recipes that I can post on the website for blog posts. This is a bit hard for me because although I know I lot of interesting recipes, I rarely have any decent pictures of the dishes themselves or recorded videos of how I made them….

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Process post #1

Stranger encounter In life, everyone must have encountered a lot of people. Some will be your best friends, some are your co-workers, some may be your enemies, some don’t even know you and you probably won’t meet again. In my case, my encounter is quite an awkward experience. It happened in Metrotown, a place gathers…

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Vision board

Hello, world! My name is Chiharu. You can call me Chii. I’m an international student at Simon Fraser University, BC. Cooking and eating is my passion for life. I usually take note of all the recipes that I find interesting and make it when I have time. All the food I made until now are…

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