Before taking this course, I never thought I would create a website for myself or more than that, studying publishing is a totally new experience to me. Throughout the past semester, I had a chance to shape my own online publication and grew my own public. I am glad that took the course.  At the…

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Peer Review #3

For this third peer review, I will give my opinions on Nicole’s website called “Life of a Goalkeeper: Fitness and Drills”. The first impression I got when I saw the home page is the clear and concise layout of the web. Highlighted categories are organized in the menu bar so that it is easy for…

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Is social media democratic? Issues regarding social media. In today’s world, as most of the technologies are digitized, social media is widely used to distribute information, ideas, as well as to communicate. This post will discuss the democratic side of this platform and some of the issues may occur when using social media as the…

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Peer Review #1

For this first peer review, I got to take a closer look at Angelika’s website. Her website is about Traditional Russian Cuisine. The home page is filled with food videos and images, which make it clear what the page is about. I really like the font she uses for the page’s title, which makes it…

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Mini Assignment #2

Hey guys, it’s Peter Parker! Or Spiderman as you may be more familiar to that name. When I received an invitation from Chii to be in one of her blog, I was a bit worry because I don’t know what to talk about haha. But considering the theme of her website, I’ll share with you…

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