Stranger encounter

In life, everyone must have encountered a lot of people. Some will be your best friends, some are your co-workers, some may be your enemies, some don’t even know you and you probably won’t meet again.

In my case, my encounter is quite an awkward experience. It happened in Metrotown, a place gathers all type of people you can think of. Given the Covid-19 situation, of course, everyone was wearing masks and standing 2 feet apart from each other. I was heading to the main gate to go home after grocery shopping when someone called me. Turn out this middle-aged man was asking for the direction to Walmart. I told him the way, but then I realized that it was late so maybe that gateway was closed already. I warned him and gave him instructions for another way to enter the supermarket. He then asked me if I was certain that the indoor gate was closed because he was supposed to meet his friend there. I said he could text his friend to confirm since it would take him a few minutes to go check. He thanked me and kept heading inside the mall.

Although this story may sound simple and no big deal to you but for me, it is the first time in a while that I have such a long conversation outdoor with a stranger passing by. After that, I went home with a happy feeling of being able to help someone.

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