Process Post #5

Visual is the crucial element of your website as it relates to the purpose of your website. However, it is important to keep visual, text and whitespace in balance. This helps to keep the readers focused and not feel too overwhelmed by everything going on, which will keep them on your site longer. One of…

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Peer Review #1

For this first peer review, I got to take a closer look at Angelika’s website. Her website is about Traditional Russian Cuisine. The home page is filled with food videos and images, which make it clear what the page is about. I really like the font she uses for the page’s title, which makes it…

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Homemade Tteokbokki recipe

Tteokbokki is a Korean Rice Cake dish. It usually goes with spicy Gochujang sauce, fish cake, onion, cabbage, and green onion. My tteokbokki version that I am about to introduce to you will be nowhere close to the original Korean version. However, that is how I usually save my hungry stomach from the craving for…

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Mini Assignment #2

Hey guys, it’s Peter Parker! Or Spiderman as you may be more familiar to that name. When I received an invitation from Chii to be in one of her blog, I was a bit worry because I don’t know what to talk about haha. But considering the theme of her website, I’ll share with you…

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Process Post #3

For the visual of my website, I am planning to have two columns of information in total. On the left side, there would be the content section, where my recent posts can be found on the home page and the post’s content would be shown when being accessed. On the left side, there would be…

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Process Post #2

For this week, I’ve been sourcing out some of the recipes that I can post on the website for blog posts. This is a bit hard for me because although I know I lot of interesting recipes, I rarely have any decent pictures of the dishes themselves or recorded videos of how I made them….

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