For this third peer review, I will give my opinions on Nicole’s website called “Life of a Goalkeeper: Fitness and Drills”. The first impression I got when I saw the home page is the clear and concise layout of the web. Highlighted categories are organized in the menu bar so that it is easy for the audience to navigate the information they need. I especially like the way she sets the recent posts section in a sequence below the title and menu. This helps save space for the web page as well as convenient for readers since they don’t have to do too much scrolling to see updated posts. As I click through each post, I can see that they are categorized carefully, and the layout is clear also with two main columns. The big column on the left is the post’s content area with the title on top then split into 2 small columns: author, date and comments on the left; and text on the right. The second main column on the right is the sidebar containing the “About this page” section. Instead of having a separate “About” section, Nicole puts it at the bottom of the home page and in the sidebar of every page so that readers can always see it.

My feedback for Nicole’s page is that there is a bit too much white space and the font of the page title fails to give out the spirit of sport to the audience as it supposes to. What I would suggest is adding a bit of background, which can be either solid colours or images related to soccer specifically and sport in general. For the sidebar, to make it more appealing and to make use of the blank space at the same time, maybe she can move the search bar and contact info sections from the right of the page to space below the “About” section. I believe that would leave more space on top to put a header image or maybe customize the title to be sportier to match the web’s theme.


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