For this first peer review, I got to take a closer look at Angelika’s website. Her website is about Traditional Russian Cuisine. The home page is filled with food videos and images, which make it clear what the page is about. I really like the font she uses for the page’s title, which makes it very clear. Hence, it’s a neutral font that does not represent the website’s theme much. The structure of her web page is also organized and catchy with the “about this page” column on the right side. One small thing I also like is the small button at the bottom right where viewers can click on it and go back to the top conveniently. Aside from the menu bar below the page title, there is also a menu shortcut of important course work sections and a search button, which help peers and TA, as well as professor, find her works easier. Another way viewers can find her course works is through a section in the menu bar. I find these two entries repetitive and I would suggest her to keep it minimal but still organized by eliminating the shortcut icon on the top right of the page. 

Her page not only has written blogs but also seems to have video recipes as stated at the top of the page, which is really interesting and worth looking forward to. Viewers can tell what the website is about just by looking at all of the posts she has created so far. She used such lively and colourful images of foods in her posts. This gets people’s attention really well and keeps viewers stay on her page for more content. One thing I would recommend in the “Contact me” section is that she might link her social media to the web so viewers can watch more of her video recipes that see may not post on this page but on other platforms.


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