Hey guys, it’s Peter Parker! Or Spiderman as you may be more familiar to that name.

When I received an invitation from Chii to be in one of her blog, I was a bit worry because I don’t know what to talk about haha. But considering the theme of her website, I’ll share with you my experiences and feelings I have towards home cook meals.

My parents passed away when I was little so I did not have the opportunity to spend much time around them. Uncle Ben and Aunt May are like my parents, they took care of me and cook a lot of good food for me. To me, dinner time is the most heart-warming and peaceful time of the day when I get to sit down and chat with my family while eating. I love eating food that aunt May makes so much. My favourite was Aunt May’s Cherry Pie. I remember eating it every day after dinner when I was in middle school.

After Uncle Ben’s accident, I was so regretful that I couldn’t spend more time having family dinner later on. Through my story, I just want to remind you guys that there is nothing better than food coming out from your own kitchen and being made by the one you love. Please respect what you have now so you won’t regret it in the future.

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