A little bit about me

Hi! I’m Chiharu! You can call me Chii 🙂

I was born and raised in a strict and traditional family. Since I was 6 years old, my mom started teaching me how to cook little by little and by the age of 15, I was able to cook a standard meal for my family of 4 people. I remember hating cooking so much because it took a lot of my time and all I can cook were traditional dishes so there is not much room for me to explore foreign cuisine despite my love for it. There were a few times I tried making spaghetti and some Japanese dishes but my parents found them strange and hard to eat so I nearly gave up on cooking anything else besides Vietnamese dishes.

I came to Canada 3 years ago to study and started forming a new habit of taking care of myself by exploring my cooking ability again. This incident encouraged me to pursue my love for cooking again and help me release stress after exam periods really well. Comparing to back then, I can now be creative by combining different cuisine that goes well together to create a good meal. As a student with a strong passion for cooking and eating, I have been thinking about creating a YouTube channel where I post cooking videos to share my recipes. However, I did not have the time and necessary tools to make it possible. I decided to take a Publishing course at school as a lever to force myself on building a web-based as the first stage of getting me ready for expanding to YouTube as I initially planned. And that how I started this blog! 

The purpose of my website is to share doable home-cook recipes and Vietnamese culture to all the foodies online. I hope that when people exploring my website, they will find inspiration and motivation to be creative in the kitchen with different dishes. They can be comfort food to eat with your family, pastries, snacks or even quickly-made food when you don’t have time. Let’s enjoy cooking with me!

Mission statement: As long as your fridge is not empty, there is always a decent home-cook meal for the day.

About This Blog

June 2021